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Title:Pretty Little Liars - Hanna & Caleb Plan To Destroy The Unit Evidence - "The Bin of Sin" (5x17)

Caleb stops by Hanna’s house and says that he has corrupted the storage facility’s files. Hanna lets him in and he sees that she has rubber gloves, bleach, a drill, a dolly cart and other things to break into the storage unit and she has even rented a van. She wants to burn all the clothes and other evidence, roll the barrel into the woods and call the police with a burner phone. Caleb warns her that there is no way she can get pull it off on her own, to which she replies that he is going to help her. Caleb tries to talk her out of this but Hanna complains that she will be the one going to jail if anything goes wrong and so she has the final say. He caves and agrees to help her. Suspecting that Alison/“A” is out to frame her for Mona’s murder, Hanna is not willing to just sit by and let it happen. Caleb and Hanna’s friends try to come up with a safe plan to get her off the hook, but it isn’t good enough for Hanna and, taking her fate into her own hands, she strikes out alone to clear her name. Meanwhile, relationships are tested when Aria comes clean to Ezra and Spencer’s shady actions continue to put Toby in a bind at work. #PLL #PrettyLittleLiars


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