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Title:Pretty Little Liars - Lucas Lets Hanna Stay In His Apartment - "The Gloves Are On" (6x13)

Meanwhile, Hanna shows up at Lucas's flat saying she had no right to ask that of him. He says she doesn't have to answer him, but asks if she had anything to do with Charlotte falling off the bell tower. She says that she didn't, but that he is braver than her mom; she wanted to ask Hanna the same question, but was afraid of what the answer might be. After Hanna says that waking up in her old room gets harder every day, Lucas gives her the keys to his flat since he'll be leaving for San Jose and tells her that she can stay as long as she wants. Panic sets in for the Liars as the investigation turns to Radley. Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer find themselves back in familiar territory with the Rosewood Police Department knocking at their doors looking for answers, and their actions now affecting the loved ones around them. With her mother’s job on the line, Hanna tries to come up with an alibi that could save all four of them with the help of her old high school friend, Lucas. Meanwhile, Emily comes clean about the last five years, and Aria goes the extra mile to keep Ezra’s second book in play with her boss. #PLL #PrettyLittleLiars


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