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Title:Pretty Little Liars - Emily Asks Hanna About The Wedding Date - "New Guys, New Lies" (6x14)

The scene cuts to Hanna facetiming Jordan who tells her that he's at the airport and she says that she'll meet him on the runway. Emily says that he's charming, handsome and adores Hanna: she's not seeing any downside and Hanna says she doesn't either. Emily asks why she hasn't set a wedding date, since she's been engaged for almost a year. Hanna says that she thinks she's finally ready to do that and that she told Spencer it was okay for her and Caleb to get together, which shocks Emily as she asks if Hanna is really okay with that. Hanna replies that when she got back to town, she just spun and twirled but Jordan keeps her grounded and she likes how that feels. When Emily asks when the wedding is, Hanna says that she's been honest about everything in her life but lied to him about sneaking out to delete the tape. She adds that she will tell Jordan the truth and that if he still wants to marry her, then she'll be ready. With the Rosewood Police Department breathing down Hanna’s neck about the Radley security footage, she opts to confess the truth to those closest to her in hopes they can help. Aria continues to search for answers, with help from Emily, on whether Ezra is as guilty as he seems. Spencer works together with Caleb to track down the new threat. Meanwhile, there is awkwardness all around when new love interests emerge and old ones resurface. #PLL #PrettyLittleLiars


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