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Title:Pretty Little Liars - Spencer Confronts Peter About Giving Alison Money - "CTRL: A" (2x20)

Spencer quietly returns home and is about to head upstairs, when she notices her dad's briefcase. She opens it and finds his chequebook, but before she can do anything else, she hears the front door. She quickly returns the chequebook and closes the briefcase, but before she can get upstairs, she is spotted by Peter, who says he is glad she came home. Spencer and her dad stand a distance away, while Peter explains what happened between him and Jessica DiLaurentis. He and Veronica were getting their degrees, and he made a series of very poor decisions. Spencer is angry Peter is talking like it was a business deal, and plainly says he cheated and got someone else's wife pregnant. Peter simply says yes. Peter says that Jessica lied to her husband and they moved to Atlanta, but several years later, when Spencer was five, they moved back. Peter sadly tells Spencer that the first time he saw Jason, he was outside riding his bike. Spencer asks how it made Peter feel, but he is unable to give answer. She asks why they came back, but Peter says he never asked, as he was afraid she might tell him. Spencer asks if Ali could have known about it before he did, and Peter says that it's possible. Spencer accusingly asks Peter if he's sure about that, and says that Jason found money along with letters from him. She asks if Peter gave Ali money to keep her quiet, and Peter says that although he doesn't have a lot of credibility with Spencer at the moment, he never gave money to anyone in the DiLaurentis family for any reason. Hanna's worst nightmare comes to fruition when Caleb becomes a target of "A" and his computer is in possession of the cops; Aria learns what Holden's been keeping a secret. #PLL #PrettyLittleLiars


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