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Title:Zelda & Chill + Zelda & Chill 2

In anticipation of @Mikel's forthcoming album, Zelda & Chill 3, here are his first two Zelda & Chill albums back to back! Be sure to support Mikel by streaming often, saving, and playlisting your favorite tracks. Zelda & Chill on Spotify ▸ Download / Stream ▸ ▸ Shoutout to Con the Nor for their original upload that combined both of our Zelda & Chill videos into one long one! Now enjoy both albums back to back with high quality video and sound. Thanks for the idea Con! Zelda & Chill: 00:00 ~ Fairy Fountain 02:44 ~ Dark World 05:31 ~ Lost Woods 08:09 ~ Song of Storms 11:47 ~ Minuet of Forest 14:41 ~ Gerudo Valley 17:45 ~ Oath to Order 20:45 ~ Dragon Roost Island 23:38 ~ Kakariko Village 26:14 ~ Ballad of the Goddess 28:54 ~ Breath of the Wild 31:12 ~ Hateno Village 34:54 ~ Legend of Zelda 37:56 ~ Ocarina of Time Zelda & Chill 2: 40:33 Zelda's Lullaby 43:44 The Great Sea 46:35 Korok Forest 49:16 Kass' Theme 52:05 Serenade of Water 54:55 Hyrule Castle 57:26 Song of Healing 1:00:26 Revali's Theme 1:02:54 Outset Island 1:05:45 Spirit Tracks 1:08:48 Midna's Lament 1:12:01 Tal Tal Heights 1:14:30 The Legendary Hero 1:17:33 Fi's Farewell ▾ Our Playlists YouTube ▸ Spotify ▸ ▾ Spotify Discography ▾ About GameChops GameChops is a record label dedicated to video game music. Remixes, cover songs, and remakes of the best video game music out there. Founded by Dj CUTMAN in 2012, GameChops was one of the first record labels to license and publish video game music on platforms like iTunes and Spotify. We work with artists all around the world to promote the art of video game music. ▾ Use Policy GameChops releases that appear on Spotify, Amazon, or other music platforms are licensed and offered for use Creative Commons. You may use our tracks in your videos, podcasts, and streams. We ask you give credit to the musician and link back to our upload. ▾ Follow GameChops ▸


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